A Healthy Workforce Is a Happy Workforce.

They might be ‘behind the scenes’, but washrooms play a crucial role in the success of any business. By providing welcoming and comfortable washroom facilities, fitted with easy-to-use equipment and handcare formulations that are a pleasure to use, you can show that you’re committed to enhancing the health and wellbeing of your employees and customers.

Universal knows that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce, which translates into a better service for your clients and a boost to your bottom line. That’s why we’ve partnered with one of the UK’s leading providers – PHS – to offer you a wide range of products and services that deliver the highest levels of hygiene for your workplace washrooms.

Someone turning on a tap in a washroom.

Washroom Services.

Washrooms are an area of business that can deliver enhanced results in terms of health and safety, while also saving energy and resources – helping you to hit sustainability targets and save money. Whatever your requirements or the size of your company, Universal can provide the perfect solution thanks to our partnership with PHS Washrooms. This includes odour neutralising systems to keep facilities smelling fresh, safe sanitary disposal services, baby changing equipment and vending machines. Hands are cleaned and cared for, while bugs are kept at bay, thanks to liquid soap formulations and dispensers that provide the highest hygiene standards, yet are easy-to-use and maintain.

In addition we can help you ‘go greener’ through smart water management solutions that will save precious resources and lower your bills. Backed by a nationwide team of service technicians, which enable PHS Washrooms to visit 3.2 million washroom sites every year, you can rest assured that your washrooms will never let you down in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.

Matting and Floorcare.

Keeping workplace floors clean and safe is a must. Dirt and debris can increase the chances of slips, trips and falls so reducing the risks is an important part of business and facilities management.

Universal can help you by providing an answer that combines both prevention and cure. We work with PHS Treadsmart to offer a wide range of entrance mats, designed to keep incoming dirt and moisture to a minimum, together with specialist mop services to tackle any dirt that does make its way in. Mats with anti-slip properties will help to enhance safety in areas of high footfall, while anti-fatigue mats will aid employees who spend a lot of time on their feet, walking between offices or other work areas. We can even bring tired and damaged floors back to life thanks to the expertise of the floor maintenance and restoration experts at PHS Interclean. Floors have to stand up to a huge amount of punishment from countless pairs of feet every day, but we can preserve their condition and integrity.

Workplace Consumables.

A well-stocked washroom is essential to safeguard the smooth running of your business, so running out of supplies is simply not an option. With Universal/PHS you can rest assured that this will never happen because our core range is always in stock and delivered to you, wherever you are, the very next day. We understand what makes a washroom work, so we can advise you on the products to fit your business needs and budget – from toilet tissue to hand towels, and cleaning products to infection control – plus everything in between.

Laundry Equipment.

On-site laundry facilities can provide a genuine boost to businesses, providing a service that’s close at hand and delivers a quick turnaround. Whether you need a single washer and dryer, or require multiple machines, Universal works with PHS Laundryserv to offer a complete design, installation and support service. With a choice of equipment from tried and trusted names such as Miele and Primus, backed by an eight-hour response, seven days a week, your business will experience minimum downtime and maximum productivity.