Comfortable, Supportive and Fit-for-Purpose.

Good quality office furniture is more crucial to business operations than some people might actually realise. Comfortable, supportive and fit-for-purpose furniture is key to employee wellbeing, productivity and workplace organisation.

It also sets the tone about your brand, demonstrating the lengths you’ll go to, to ensure employees and visitors are taken care of, whilst projecting an element of your corporate image too. Sleek lines and muted tones suggest an unparalleled air of professionalism, for instance, whilst vibrant colours and fun breakout furniture will mirror the energy of more creative organisations.

But robust and well-designed office furniture needn’t break the bank. So why not save hours of trawling through dozens of websites – each offering the same mundane and flimsy desking, seating and storage, which you’re led to believe is good value – and let us show you that stand out furniture can be functional and affordable too.

Office space with glass walls and grey and yellow furniture.

Our Office Furniture Range.

To say that our options are endless may sound a little exaggerated, but there is virtually no end to the products we can offer. Our extensive range includes single task and operator chairs, more relaxed breakout sofas and seating, individual desks, clustered desking units and pods, meeting and boardroom furniture, plus an array of storage solutions from simple drawers, through to floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

You needn’t feel you will be constrained by budget, because we can recommend robust, purposeful yet attractive furniture if your investment is relatively low, or more executive and even bespoke hand-crafted products. Whatever your budget and brief I am sure we will be able to accommodate!

Know Your Office Furniture Brief.

Before procuring office furniture it is important, of course, to know what products you are looking for and how much you have to spend. But you also need to think about what the furniture needs to achieve.

This may sound straightforward, but there’s more to a chair, for instance, than someone sitting on it. If you’re purchasing an operator chair that an employee will sit at for multiple hours a day, for example, ergonomic design should be the prime consideration, to prevent muscle strain and the consequential health, wellbeing and productivity impacts that would otherwise come with this. The chair should be adjustable too, where possible, so that the arms, seating position and back support can be configured to suit the individual. Reception, lounge or breakout chairs, on the other hand, should have a softer, more relaxed and perhaps even indulgent feel to them, where people can take the weight off their feet and enjoy a quick rest.

The same can be said for almost every piece of furniture within your office space, so don’t rush the decision and, if in any doubt, ask for advice when you need it.

Back of 3 white and chrome office chairs.
A row of chairs in different, bright colours.

The Finishing Touches.

Whether you’ve utilised our own office interiors expertise, the services of another contractor, or transformed your office space yourself, the careful selection of furniture could now provide the perfect finishing touch. You’d be surprised how much the details matter – colour, fabric, materials, design, configurability, the finish and even fire safety, are all factors to take into account.

That’s probably why our office furniture guidance is so highly sought after in Wakefield, Leeds, Sheffield, Rotherham and throughout Yorkshire, not to mention the rest of the UK. We appreciate that some clients know exactly what they require and are happy to browse our catalogue. However we also understand others my need assistance in certain areas and our experience is on hand to help. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a start-up SME or a multi-site blue-chip company, we’ll work with you to ensure every penny is money well spent.