Providing Products that Nurture and Protect.

There are many different roles that an employer has to fulfil in today’s working environment, but keeping your employees safe and happy are surely among the priorities. With regulations and legislation surrounding health and safety to comply with, and a vested interest in inspiring loyalty and reducing absenteeism, providing products that nurture and protect is a smart move.

First aid box.

Health, Safety and Workwear.

Every workplace needs a first aid kit in case of emergencies and our range of options will suit all situations. We have versions designed for cars, vans and trucks – for your workforce on the move – with kits and dispensers to keep in the office too. Protection for hands comes in the shape of our range of gloves, including disposable, rubber, cut resistant and heavy duty rigger gloves.

For industrial or construction environments, hi-vis jackets, trousers and waistcoats are available, together with heavy duty shoes and boots, ear defenders and goggles. We can even supply safety signs and posters detailing H&S law and advice on issues such as preventing slips, trips and falls and kitchen hygiene.

Cleaning and Hygiene.

A clean workplace doesn’t just make for a more pleasant environment – it also reduces the risk of bugs and illnesses spreading throughout your workforce. Absenteeism can have a costly effect on productivity, which often leads to reduced customer satisfaction, so keeping the work environment clean is essential. We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning chemicals and equipment – from mops, dusters and vacuums to disinfectants and degreasers from recognised and trusted names such as Flash, Cif, Finish, Persil, and Vax.

Hand hygiene solutions can also contribute to keeping infections under control so dispensing systems, together with liquid soaps and anti-bacterial hand sanitisers, offer another level of protection which your workers will welcome with open arms – and hands!

A cleaner wiping a surface.

Catering Supplies.

Whether you’re holding a client meeting or giving staff a well-earned break, catering supplies are always needed as part of a busy working environment. We strive to provide a ‘universal’ service, and realise that being able to source everything you need from one supplier – including food and drink – is invaluable in terms of saving time and money.

Catering packs of coffee and tea from some of the UK’s biggest brands are on offer, along with sachets suitable for vending machines and state-of-the-art coffee machines. Water – from individual bottles, free-standing or desktop dispensers – will keep employees hydrated, plus we can supply fruit juice, cordials and canned soft drinks too. Biscuits, sweets, milk and sugar complete the range, and if you need cups, cutlery, kettles or microwaves, you guessed it, we’ve got it covered.

Premises and Maintenance.

Offices need practical equipment to help them maintain a tidy and well-kept appearance. These items might not be the most glamorous in our range but they play a vital role in helping businesses run smoothly and successfully.

A prime example is the humble bin, which we can supply in a host of different options. From vanity to pedal, flip top to roll top, wheelie to wall-mounted – and even more innovative models that open and close without the need to touch them, improving hygiene and increasing ease-of-use – there is a shape, size and colour for everyone. Many businesses are keen to minimise the effect their actions have on the environment, and we can help you by providing recycling bins – not just for the conventional cans, plastic and paper, either, but also for disposable cups, printer cartridges and garden waste.

We also have floor-standing, desk, clip and towers fans to keep employees cool, and heaters and moveable radiators when some extra warmth is needed. Torches, batteries, light bulbs and ladders, together with maintenance tools, trolleys, cycle racks and salt spreaders – plus much more – means that we can supply everything your workplace requires, both inside and out.

Blue plastic recycling bin.