A Supplier You Can Trust.

The 21st century business relies as much on its computers and machinery as it does on the people who operate them. Technology trends change rapidly so you need a supplier you can trust to stay in touch with the latest developments, and one that has the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the best options for your needs. That describes us perfectly!

From printers to portable wireless streaming devices, USB flash drives to USB chargers, and digital cameras to conference phones, our experts can provide both the hardware and the accessories to ensure your office is functioning to the best of its abilities.

Selection of toner cartridges in different colours.

Printers and Toner Cartridges.

Overcome by the array of printer choices on the market and need some help to translate the technical jargon? Our experts can demystify the process and help you make the right decision for your business.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that laser colour printers are the more expensive option, as technology has vastly improved and brought down costs, especially when it comes to your consumables. We also stock All In One (AIO) printers, which let you print, copy, scan and fax from a single machine – great if your office space is at a premium.

Other questions need answering too – will you be using WiFi, or connecting directly to a PC? How many pages do you print on average per month, and are they mainly text-based, or do you need to print illustrations or photographs? We know the questions to ask in order to decide on the best printer for you.

Then there are the toner cartridges themselves – whether you opt for certified cartridges from leading manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard, Epsom, OKI, Xerox and Canon, or non-branded compatible products, we’ll guarantee you great prices with next business day delivery guaranteed.

Technology for Business.

Technology has transformed business for the better, enabling companies to offer their clients and customers even higher levels of service and support. If you are looking to upgrade your tech, either to help employees who are not office-based or to enhance your existing facilities, we can provide a huge array of products.

Tablet computers have become a must have and we offer both Apple and Android options, together with stands, covers, cables and powerpacks. Digital cameras range from compact point and shoot models to more advanced bridge and SLR versions, and for viewing your images we offer LED monitors and flat screen TVs, incorporating DVD, HD and Smart options depending on your needs. Add to that conference telephones, headsets and portable wireless hard drives, and it’s clear we can offer everything needed to give your business a hi-tech makeover.

Someone dialling a number of an office phone.
Red and black USB stick on top of a keyboard.

Storage Media.

You and your employees invest a huge amount of time, energy and money creating presentations, compiling reports, and building up data. This is all valuable collateral, so the need to protect it, and make it easily yet securely available to colleagues, is vital.

You only need to look at the facts – around 2,000 laptops are stolen every day, a hard drive crashes every 15 seconds and the EU Directive 95/46/EC requires you to keep copies of your financial and business records for at least seven years. Even though many businesses will have internal methods of backing up their servers, storage devices such as USB flash drives, CDs/DVDs, memory cards, data cartridges and portable hard drives provide another level of protection should the worst happen.

Computer Accessories.

Many of us spend the majority of our working lives sitting in front of computer monitors, which can ultimately affect our posture, wellbeing and ultimately health. Workstation risk assessments can identify problematic areas, and we can provide the products to better protect your staff.

Back, foot and wrist supports will help to make working at the desk more comfortable, for instance, while laptop and monitor risers lift screens to eye level, helping to reduce neck and eye strain. Wireless keyboards and mice allow employees to arrange their working position to suit them, plus cleaning kits and mouse mats containing antimicrobial protection Microban, create a healthier, more pleasant working environment.