Creative Graphic Design.

We don’t just care about what goes on within your business – we’re also keen to maximise how your company projects itself to the outside world. That’s why our branding expertise is such a popular strand of Universal’s client services.

Whether you have a well-established brand that you’re keen to protect, a corporate identity to overhaul, or a new start-up business that needs to make its mark, we can support you with creative graphic design and web development support. We also have a range of high quality merchandise that we can personalise with your logos, straplines and contact details, and bespoke print partners who can bring your literature collateral to life.

Universal logo on a computer monitor.

Building Your Brand.

We partner with award-winning, RAR (Recommended Agency Register) design specialists, to fulfil all of our creative briefs. Everything is done in a logical order so, unless you already have a well-established brand, we’ll begin by building the foundations.

If you’re an existing customer, the chances are we’ll already understand your business objectives and what makes your company tick. If you’re new to our team, we’ll spend time getting to the heart of your organisation. The more we learn, the easier it is to develop all of your visual brand elements such as a logo, font and images, plus your key messages and tone of voice.

While you may be keen to hit the ground running, this very strategic exercise needs to be carried out carefully if your brand is to have the personality, style and ‘voice’ that you’re looking for. It might not stay the same forever, but you should certainly be striving for it to last for the foreseeable future.

Then we hit the ‘drawing board’. We’ll develop several concepts that we believe will fulfil your brief, refining the design(s) you like until you’re completely happy – we specialise in creating brands to be proud of.

Tap into Our Design Flair.

When your brand is in place the options are endless. At this stage it’s about projecting your message to the rest of the world – or your target audience at least!

With an array of accreditations under their belts, our market-leading RAR design partners can support you with virtually every element of graphical creativity you may require, producing artwork for corporate stationery, web and print advertisements, B2C and B2B brochures, newsletters, flyers and posters, social media favicons, motion graphics animations, promotional banners and exhibition stands. Quite frankly, the list goes on.

We’ll work with you through the conceptualisation stage, to ensure we fully understand your brief before putting ‘pen to paper’. Then we’ll let our creativity loose, turning ideas into reality, and adding some of our own experience and flair. If you already have an established brand in place, you can rest assured we’ll adhere to even the strictest of guidelines, having worked for the likes of large to small public and private sectors; retail, educational to name just a few to name just a few.

Everything we produce is technically accurate, and visually beautiful.

Woman working on a design project.

Web Design and Development.

Websites have grown to become the first point of reference for the vast proportion of B2B and B2C customers. So ask yourself, how well is your brand represented online?

If you have a tired website in need of a refresh, know you’re being penalised by ever-changing search engine algorithms, or are starting from scratch and are ready to establish your web presence, talk to us.

Utilising the latest search engine friendly platforms which promote ease of continual updates, we design and build websites that don’t just look the part, they work. They’re visually attractive, easy to navigate and fully responsive across different devices. They also contain cleverly written content that engages your visitors and excites the search engines, ensuring you rank strongly in natural listings. And they’ll evolve alongside your business, allowing you to future proof your investment and adapt your website whenever you need to.

For some people a website is very much a shop window, giving visitors a taste of what the business inside is all about. Other clients have much more defined objectives for their websites, requiring a certain number of enquiries, brochure downloads or other conversions, each month. If you can explain what you’d like your website to achieve, we’re here to help make that happen.

That’s not all. Keen to ensure the robustness of your site long into the future we also offer ongoing search engine optimisation (SEO) expertise and web hosting, giving you peace of mind that this valuable asset is in safe hands.