Is Your Data in Safe Hands?

In the modern business environment, data is crucial to making our organisations tick. However the capture, storage and destruction of this information – especially personal or sensitive details – is strictly regulated by the Data Protection Act. Companies that fail to comply with this legislation, risk fines of up to £500,000. So ask yourself, is your data in safe hands?

If not, we’ll help you manage everything from data capture through to destruction. We’ll do so with utmost respect for the environment, your legal obligations and your bottom line.

Person using a touchscreen tablet.

Data Capture.

By outsourcing your document processing to an experienced data specialist like us, you can concentrate on running your business, safe in the knowledge that your legal responsibilities are being upheld. Working in partnership with Capital Capture – the information management experts – we provide on and off-site scanning services, microfilm and microfiche scanning, invoice processing, digital mailroom solutions, business process outsourcing and automation.

Records Management.

We work closely with PHS Records management to deliver safe and secure off-site data archiving, for clients throughout the UK. Their high-security vaults provide robust facilities in which you can store your paper documents, computer back-ups and media tapes in quality Peli cases and archive boxes. And because we know you sometimes need to access your information, we guarantee a 2 hour retrieval service too.

Person at a large digital data storage facility.

Secure Shredding.

Your data protection responsibilities don’t end when you no longer have a need for your confidential documents and storage media. In fact, with personal and corporate fraud on the rise, it’s more important than ever to ensure the efficient disposal of your potentially sensitive information.

That’s why Universal – in partnership with PHS Datashred – delivers trusted on and off-site secure shredding services, in line with DIN 66399 standards. Our approach is tailored to reflect the confidentiality of the materials we’ll be handling, giving you peace of mind that your data is responsibly destroyed with utmost consideration for your reputation, legal obligations and the environment.

Electronic Data Destruction.

When your IT equipment reaches its end of life, your first thought may be to dispose of it in the most environmentally friendly manner. But under data protection laws – and to prevent your confidential information getting in the wrong hands – it is crucial that your hard drives are wiped before they re-enter the marketplace. So, working in conjunction with PHS Maxitech, Universal can completely clean all of your IT equipment before it is refurbished and re-sold. We can also help you with that recycling, refurbishment and remarketing process, or if you’re looking for uncompromised security, we’ll destroy your hard drives instead.

Lots of broken and shredded hard drives.