Our advanced interactive touchscreens bring the modern workspace to life

Combine functionality and simplicity. Re-invent your boardroom, office, or meeting room. Wanting to start a meeting? It’s as simple to use as a tablet – just turn on and go. All your apps and files are just one click away. Want to wirelessly connect or BYOD? Use the devices without wires. View images, play a video, or share documents from your PC, tablet or phone. Want an electronic flipchart? Use the LynxPro app to bring up a whiteboard. Simple to use with built-in gesture control allowing the user to add pages, roam and expand with a swipe. A truly unique and immersive user experience with innovative, rich, technology.

Capture, Contribute, Share Content, Collaborate…

So advanced you’ll only ever touch the surface. 

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Our brand new LUX user interface makes the Clevertouch a beautiful, intuitive experience through an expertly designed touch interface familiar to any owner of a modern smartphone or tablet. Built from scratch to make the advanced features of the Clevertouch available to everyone – every part of LUX is dedicated to giving you the best possible experience, always emphasising the task-at-hand and getting the technology out of the way.


Integrated apps & bundled software

Our award winning business software suite includes LynxPro Meeting, Montage Lite and DisplayNote. Our suite of business software and integrated apps offers you flexible ways to interact with your team, whether they are remote workers or accompanying you in the meeting room. Laptop, tablet and even smartphone users can share their screens with the Clevertouch making it ideal for project management, review or any kind of collaborative decision making.

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Make meetings more meaningful

Powerfully present your ideas and effortlessly collaborate with colleagues. Focus your team with Clevertouch, with amazing value for all the essentials. Full touchscreen capabilities at a budget conscious price. Simply pick the accessories and software you’ll use everyday. Clevertouch gives you collaboration without compromise, with a full suite of business software.

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Have you heard of Universal Connect?

We know it can be a hassle finding different suppliers for your various office needs. That’s why we don’t just provide a single source solution – we also calculate the savings that come with having one partner, one delivery and one invoice.

Every prospective client is able to take advantage of this complimentary audit. Very much like a company health check, we analyse what products you buy, from how many suppliers and at what price. We also consider your delivery and payment arrangements, before presenting how a consolidated approach can save you time, money and stress, whilst reducing your impact on the environment.

A 95% conversion rate, from analysis to client, shows just how popular the Universal Connect service is. What’s more, it’s free, so what do you have to lose?

Contact a member of the team on 0845 345 0061 to book an appointment or find out more.