Streamlining and Simplifying.

Streamlining and simplifying procurement processes is at the heart of everything that Universal does. Our ‘single source solution’ means that we can provide all your stationery requirements – and a lot more besides.

We want your business to thrive, but to do that you need to be free to build it, without having to worry about ordering office essentials. That’s where Universal steps in as your ‘virtual’ office manager, ensuring that you will never run out of the ‘bricks and mortar’ of your business – namely paper, pens, pads, and all those other practical tools that help your company to run smoothly.

Writing and Drawing.

Pens are a precious commodity in any office and there are a huge number of styles to choose from. For everyday use, ballpoints, rollerballs and fine-liners remain popular, with calligraphy and fountain pens the preference for more creative projects or when signing on the dotted line! Highlighters and fibre tips add more variety, and if pencils are required, traditional and mechanical versions are available.

If you need a more permanent or specialist writing instrument to make your mark we can also provide chalk and glass markers, technical drawing equipment and paint markers. Computer keyboards and touch screens may have taken over, but there will always be a place for the written word.

Books, Pads and Accounting Systems.

A notebook or pad will never run out of battery life – so recording your notes in this way is still a good option. Hardback or soft cover, wire or perfect bound, conventional in colour or bursting with bright shades, our range offers a huge choice, with something to suit every situation. In addition, many of the products incorporate eco-friendly elements such as recycled paper, keeping your environmental conscience clear.

We can also provide specialist books for recording accounts and VAT, as well as petty cash voucher pads, pay slip pads, wages books, time sheets, mileage log books, telephone message pads and visitors’ books are also among the huge range of options on offer.

Ballpoint pen laid on a notebook


Paper can play a huge role in creating the right impression thanks to its look, feel, weight and colour. It’s also important to choose the paper best suited to your printer, not only to give better visual results, but to reduce the risk of inconvenient and annoying paper jams too.

For general office use we recommend volume copier and laser paper, upgrading to premium office papers, which weigh slightly more, to enhance reports, presentations and external communications. Coloured papers and card are ideal for mailings and notices, while speciality inkjet and photo papers will create a superior photographic image, with some options also allowing you to print onto T-shirts. All this and matching envelopes – if required – too!


Storage space is often at a premium in many working environments, so smart solutions are needed to ensure documents are stored safely, while taking up the least amount of room and being easy on the eye.

From suspension filing systems – housed in cupboards, drawers or free-standing, moveable trolleys – to box files, display books and lever arch files, there is a solution for every situation, whether you want easy access or a more permanent archive. Plastic pockets and labels, index dividers and document wallets can be provided to fulfil your every requirement.

Filing cabinet full of files.