Automate Your Print Output.

Imagine your time-critical business documents printed and posted in a few clicks of a mouse and being able to send digital customer alerts and present documents securely online in minutes.

Automate your print output and present documents digitally with Universal Mail’s powerful suite of multi-channel communication applications.

Secure Portal.

Your online vault for customer, patient, member or supplier communications.

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Your online production hub, to automate, control and output PDF documents.

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View My Doc.

Your fast and secure alternative to email for personalised eDocuments.

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Managed Print.

Your scalable print application for personalised, time-critical documents.

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Hybrid Mail.

Your print and post application to automate and output every day documents.


No License Fees.

Pay for documents you output through Universal Mail applications, not per user or document click.

Early ROI.

Implement in weeks not years, to reduce expenditure and achieve improved results much sooner.

Cloud Based.

Hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for rapid deployment and instant access to upgrades.

Reduce Risks.

Meet regulatory and data protection needs, by controlling your online and print channels with one UK vendor.