Automate and control PDF output.

System generated PDF files created in volume, at speed, by teams in your call centres, offices and branches often go unmanaged.The restricted PDF limits management controls: exposing your work to quality and compliance issues.  This static format, is also now less desired, with demand for responsive online viewing.

Engage is your online production hub for outbound personalised mail.

Integrating with your ERP, HCM and CRM software, Engage identifies, and seeks approval for, non-conforming documents: to enhance your document accuracy and brand consistency.

Rules and logic automate processes, to improve efficiency and reduce production times.

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Why Engage should control your outbound document processing?

Upload data from multiple systems

Transfer PDF documents from any software, via a print driver, the Engage portal, or an API for your organisation.

Prioritise and automate output

Apply rules to specific documents to systematically upgrade urgent items to first class or automate output for online viewing with View My Doc or Secure Portal.

Control document accuracy

Approve or reject documents quickly through controls and automated rejection rules.

Detailed document tracking

Monitor output to when the last document is physically enclosed.