World Water Week: How Will You Celebrate?

How can businesses address global water scarcity?

It may seem like a contentious question given the size and scale of the problem. But with roughly 2.1 million people across the globe suffering water poverty, water conservation has become a hot topic for governments, corporations, and individuals everywhere.

To coincide with the UN’s World Water Day – held annually on 22 March – we want to talk about the ways your business can reduce water consumption and move towards a more sustainable future. Saving water at work can be as simple as setting water usage targets for employees or putting up reminders around the office, kitchen, and bathroom. This kind of approach will help feed an eco-friendly work culture, but taking a more in-depth look at your water usage is a more sustainable – and long-term – way to reduce your consumption.

This year’s theme for World Water Day – Nature for Water – focuses on environmental damage, climate change, and its impact on water-related crises. Making way for ‘green’ infrastructure in populations and landscapes means thinking about how we can integrate water-based concerns – such as flooding, drought, water degradation and/or scarcity – into our daily lives.

Initiatives such as the Refill campaign and the CEO Water Mandate (in partnership with the UN) mobilise business leaders and public bodies to identify and address issues affecting water pollution and access such as landfill usage and recycling programmes. It’s clear that when it comes to collective water-saving, sustainability is the order of the day, and businesses of any size up and down the UK can be part of this change.

So how can you reduce water consumption in a sustainable and sensible way?

We’ve already spoken about the myriad ways in which businesses can make a dent in their water bills. But anyone who works in an office knows how difficult it can be to adopt small changes to routine when your schedule is crammed and your mind is elsewhere.

A good place to start is assessing how much water your business is using, and what you’re using it for. Using our water-saving calculator, you can have an answer within seconds. Assessing water usage as a team will help you identify where you and your colleagues could be cutting down and ways you could save – an easy way to shave pennies off your bill and get everyone on side.

One way to guarantee a reduced water and energy bill is to fit water-saving technology to your existing plumbing. Installing a water-efficient tap with an aerator is a great way to cut your water usage by up to 90% without having to think about it. Our Oxyflow volumiser is a small device which fits onto taps and showers, using aeration technology to create a fine mist of water that coats the entire surface area of your hands. Just one hand wash uses 3 tablespoons of water – compared to the shocking 3-9 litres used with a standard tap. There’s also a reduced risk of leaking taps (which can waste up to 10,000 litres of water over a year).

With businesses all over the country already saving hundreds on their energy bills, Oxyflow is an easy, quick, and guaranteed way to dramatically cut your water usage across your business (without having to think about it). One customer said, “We started the roll out across our 180 sites and our overall water bill has been reduced by 37%. We have monitored the flow on the washroom taps and on average this has been reduced by 82%”.

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