Office exteriors and what they say about your business

When it comes to first impressions, office exteriors are just as important as interiors: they’re the first thing prospective customers or visitors will see, possibly even before they know what your business is really about.

Research tells us that in one blink of our eyes we can size up a new environment or another person, and that it only takes a further three seconds to draw our conclusions.

Whilst a professional reception area and sleek office fit-out are sure-fire ways to convey the competence of your business, paying attention to the outside of your workplace also makes a huge difference.

Here at Universal, we believe that offices stand for more than just the function they perform: they can also be a vibrant reflection of your brand, ethos, and business identity, both inside and out.

Our little corner of the universe

We’re proud of our office. Our communal space reflects the friendly and personal approach we have towards everything from customers to our own operations. As a business involved in our local community, we’re also happy to be settled in a piece of Wakefield’s cultural history: the Nostell Estate.

Situated in the grounds of Nostell Priory – a Palladian style regency house now protected by the National Trust – the Nostell estate is a cluster of refurbished Grade I and II listed buildings dating back as far as the sixteenth century. Originally used as crop stores, their preserved historic features now mingle with contemporary office interiors.

It’s clear why our unusual office space sparks such interest amongst our visitors. More interestingly, it’s an example of what a difference office exteriors – and interiors – make to how people view and respond to your business.

Increasingly, we see customers looking to refurbish or refit their spaces to respond to shifts in their respective industries. From space planning and building extensions to signage and landscaping, we’ve helped transform businesses up and down the country into the best versions of themselves.

And if you’re not in the market for a refit, what can you do?

There are loads of ways to improve your work environment if an office interior redesign or relocation isn’t on your books just yet.

Small things like artwork, plant life, or natural light, or even taking down desk dividers also make a difference to how customers and visitors view your business and your work culture. A green, naturally lit space is more inviting than a cluttered and clustered desk layout, and conveys a sense of openness and forward-thinking.

We can help you with the small details that make that big difference. We can source and deliver limited edition or bespoke artwork and photography, on boxed canvases or in hand-selected frames – a team photo or milestone will help customers immediately get to know you. If you’re green-thumbed or have a strong eco-friendly ethos, we’ll help you select an array of live or replica office planting.

What do you think: do office exteriors make a difference to how you see a business? Let us know on Twitter @uopoffice, and don’t forget you can call and speak to the team about office interiors on 0845 345 0061.

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