Revolutionise your office printing and mailing.

Imagine a world without envelopes, stamps or even office printers; with low ink and jammed paper trays a thing of the past and where documents are created and mailed straight from your desktop. UniversalMail allows the creation of documents to be your sole focus, leaving us to print, enclose and mail them for you.

You could be using UniversalMail in a matter of days. There’s no software to install, contracts to sign and when you don’t need the service you don’t pay for it.

Control your mailings

Using the simple and intuitive Universal Mail portal, choose your print and postal requirements, and we’ll do the rest to get documents delivered to your recipients.. Want to add uniformity to your documents? Our portal enables you to upload backgrounds to each document, ensuring consistency across your mailing, while your individual document library allows you to easily pick any additional information you wish to include inside your envelopes.


Universal - document library

Validate your addresses

Using Universal Mail can significantly reduce the amount of returns you receive on your current mailings. Our system compares your postal addresses against the Royal Mail PAF database; checking the accuracy of your data and suggesting alternative addresses if any are found to be incorrect.

UniversalMail - login screen

Save up to 60% on overall mailing costs

UniversalMail allows you to reduce current spending on the printing and mailing of your office documents by up to 60%. A Single page document can be printed and posted for less than the price of a second class stamp and what’s more, with no printer to possibly fail – you could gain hundreds of hours back each year, previously wasted on printer related issue.

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