Office furniture design trends 2017

When you picture office design and interiors in 2017, what do you see?

Do you envisage you and your team shooting down a slide to the morning meeting a là Electric Works in nearby Sheffield?

Or do you imagine something more along the lines of a traditional office, like this one?

Here at Universal, we’re dedicated to making businesses big and small shine through innovative and thoughtful interiors. With our brand new furniture catalogue out imminently, we’re going to take a look at how office furniture, design, and interiors are developing, and how we’re translating these changes to help you.

Evergreen ergonomics

Ergonomics are ever-present in the minds of employers, employees, and furniture experts alike. With fresh innovations and practices entering the workplace, businesses are looking outside the traditional desk-and-chair format to boost productivity and comfort in the office.

Putting comfort and mobility at the forefront of its design, ergonomic furniture has a direct impact on your health and happiness at work. If you or your colleagues spend upwards of 6 hours a day sat in a chair, taking time to complete an ergonomic or seating assessment with us can iron out the creases in your furniture set-up (and hopefully your back, too).

We know how personal a desk chair can become, so our seat sampling service gives you the option to try one out before you buy it. If it doesn’t suit, return it and try it for another: we want you to find the perfect fit.

Ergonomics isn’t just about sitting in the right chair. In fact, a recent study by Colliers International points to a 59% reduction in costs to businesses by implementing a more active work culture. Sit/Stand desking will become more accessible this year – this model from Fellowes sits on top of your existing desk without having to replace it completely – making mobility a key trend for 2017.

Your identity reflected in your space

How does your office reflect the core values, identity, and culture of your business?

The turn towards creating a unique space in which these three factors are equally represented is becoming more and more important – and valuable – to businesses this year. Part of our jobs as furniture and interior specialists is to assess how your physical workplace conveys its management, its employees, its origins, and its future goals.

Is an eco-friendly approach to business a key consideration of yours? Introducing plants into the office will bring colour and texture to your space. Thinking about the impression your interiors will deliver on first glance – and the ways in which they reflect your creative and professional vision – is sure to impress clients and colleagues alike.

If you’re not sure which way to go, our specialists can help you plan the look and feel of your workspace down to the smallest details.

Office furniture design trends 2017

New ways to use space

When it comes to office interiors, it’s time to think outside the anonymous cubicles that once revolutionised the workplace. Today, businesses must embrace space and open-plan thinking as a way to create a sense of community and collaboration. Cluster desks, low partitions – or no partitions at all – can boost productivity, encourage group work, and inspire individuals.

How does this translate to your business? Our extensive range includes relaxed breakout sofas and seating as well as clustered desking units and pods, encouraging workers to move about and interact with the office space more than before.

At Universal, you can work with our team of interiors specialists and outfitters who will oversee the design, planning, and execution of your refit from start to finish. If a full fit out isn’t on the books, we also offer single desk replacements and everything in between.

As we move further into 2017, trends such as wellbeing, space, technology, and authenticity will continue to emerge in new and established businesses nationwide. And, as workplace culture shifts to respond to new workforces (here’s looking at you, Millennials), innovations, and changing attitudes, we’ll continue to see developments in the way we think about office furniture.

To request your free copy of our new catalogue, enquire about ergonomics or how we can bring space and identity to your workplace, give us a call on 0845 345 0061 or email us on


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