Revolutionise the way you post with Universal Mail

In an increasingly digital world, sometimes sending a letter is the personal touch you need to clinch that sale. Universal Mail is a service created to print, enclose, and mail your documents out to your customers on your behalf. It’s quick, secure, and with no software or contracts involved, it couldn’t be easier to give your post a kick start.

You’ve spent too many afternoons trapped in the post room. You’re crouched over the franking machine or cramming stamps onto endless piles of envelopes for the third time this week. It’s time consuming and repetitive, but it means you maintain those important relationships with your customers. If you spend a lot of time and effort sending out letters when you could be focusing on your content, Universal Mail is the solution for you.

Choose files, not filing.

Businesses all over the country are digitising their documents: it’s environmentally friendly, instantaneous, and takes away the burden of complicated filing systems and data destruction. Universal Mail is no different; as a digital service, all you’ll need to do to get started is upload your documents. It’s a paperless operation with no printing, sorting, or filing involved on your end.

We’ve already done the maths: you can save up to 60% on printing and mailing costs, not to mention the hundreds of man hours fixing printers, switching cartridges, and collating mail...

Stay in control of your post.

With Universal Mail you can follow your mail from desk to doormat using the flexible and intuitive online portal. Make as many changes to the design and content of your correspondence as you’d like. If you send out a lot of post, you’ll know there’s nothing worse than leaving out crucial information or missing key design details out of your letters. We’ve created the individual document library to make sure you’ll never leave important content out of your letters again.

We’ll look out for your data.

Giving your mailing lists away can be a daunting prospect, but underneath our smooth exterior are strict systems and procedures put in place to honour you and your customers’ confidential information. What’s more, we’re so passionate about data that we’ll regularly check your mailing lists against the Royal Mail’s database of addresses, meaning you can be more accurate and effective with your mail outs.

It’s a no brainer: Universal Mail can take away the drudgery of mail processing, so you and your colleagues can concentrate time and energy on the things you do best. Do you send out a lot of post to your customers and think you could benefit from Universal Mail? Request more information here!

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