In our new GDPR landscape, saying goodbye to paper-based processes sounds pretty alluring. There’s no risk of data being left out in the open, no manpower wasted on stuffing envelopes, and more time to do what’s important: running your business.

Imagine your time-critical business documents printed and posted in a few clicks of a mouse. Imagine being able to send digital customer alerts and present documents securely online in minutes. Universal Mail’s powerful suite of communication services allow you to automate your document output securely using cloud-based technology, without license fees, and without the risk of non-compliance. That means goodbye to pushing papers, and hello to increased efficiencies for your workforce.

In this blog, we’ll take you through each member of the Universal Mail family and how each application can help you save on cost and time, as well as improving productivity and efficiencies across the board.

Secure Portal: all your communications in one safe place

Any administration or accounts department needs to be able to send time-critical documents, such as bills, statements, invoices, and communications quickly and securely. With new GDPR regulations now in effect, Secure Portal allows you to hold all your documents in one place, so you always know where to find your important mailings and information on your contacts fast. Need to speed up your work even more? The Secure Portal platform is also designed to integrate, which means you’ll be able to connect it to your software to make working a lot smoother.

Not only does it work for you, it also allows full transparency and efficiency on the part of your customers, too. With Secure Portal, you can present time-critical documents within minutes of creating them – customers can then read your news and messages on any device they like, on demand, from wherever they are. It’s a flexible, accessible way to connect with your customers regularly on their terms.

Engage: automate and send PDF documents

System generated PDF files created in volume, at speed, by teams in your call centres, offices and branches often go unmanaged. With no quality checks and limited management controls, this is a potential nightmare for businesses hoping to comply with GDPR regulations and improve efficiencies across the workforce, no matter how large or small.

Engage is an online production hub for outbound personalised mail. Integrating with your ERP, HCM and CRM software, Engage identifies and seeks approval for non-confirming documents, allowing you to control, oversee and enhance your document accuracy and brand consistency through a combination of automation tools. That way, you can guarantee that everything you communicate out to customers is correct, compliant, and consistent.

View My Doc: create personalised eDocuments fast

Anyone who’s wrestled with email marketing will know the difficulties involved in getting the right messages to the right people. Even if your mailing list data is correct, there’s a chance that your communications will be caught in spam or won’t reach their inbox at all. View My Doc takes away the risks, time, and resources wasted from traditional methods of communication: customers can view your messages via a secure, personalised web link, wherever and whenever they want. Plus, you have full control over who sees what and for how long, which means there’s no risk of sharing the wrong information with the wrong people – another thing to tick off the GDPR compliance list.

Once you’ve sent out a communication, there’s always the risk that follow-up will drop down the priority list. With View My Doc’s detailed tracking, you and your team will receive alerts when customers don’t view or engage with your mailings. You can then take action to encourage response in a proactive and timely manner: just another way Universal Mail’s suite of services can help improve your productivity.

Managed Print: a print application for personalised documents

Every business has time-critical documents, such as invoices and statements that it needs to deliver accurately and on time. Every business has to navigate the same challenges, too: non-delivery, poor performing hardware, fulfilment partners, and fluctuating volumes.

Managed Print from Universal is not only a reliable, scalable solution to your mailing woes. We work alongside you to optimise and consolidate your mailing costs, making it an economical and eco-friendly method of communicating with your customers in mail form. It’s easy to set up, too: there’s no IT or software changes to deal with, and you can scale your print volumes up and down with ease and without fuss. What’s more, we operate from an approved, GDPR ready operation with built-in disaster recovery processes, so you can rest assured that your communications will flow without a hitch.

Hybrid Mail: automated print and post for every day mail

You can think of Hybrid Mail as your on-call, online print portal for every day documents as well as larger than life marketing campaigns. Whether it’s important news or a postcard invite, you can take documents from desktop to doormat in just a few clicks. Securely upload your material onto the portal, and on they go to our UK print production centre: it’s a seamless, fast, and flexible solution to your print requirements.

If any of these Universal Mail products have caught your eye, there’s much more to see on our dedicated page. Read more about each application here, and get in touch with us to set up an appointment and demo the products yourself.

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