Local football club, Marine AFC has made substitutions in its washrooms to achieve significant water savings and improve its environmental performance.

Chairman, Paul Leary, recently commissioned a review of the more than thirty taps in the club’s washrooms and found that the flow of water in the male washrooms was running at eight litres per minute. In the female washrooms, the taps were flowing at an even greater rate of 18 litres per minute

Based on a 40-week season, and a Saturday only, (including AFC Liverpool), 40 games at Marine AFC with an average of 400 fans in attendance all using the washrooms just once, equates to a considerable 16,000 hand washes a season.

With the majority of fans being male, 16,000 hand washes using eight litres per minute equates to 128,000 litres of water used in just one season.

Paul Leary, Chairman, Marine AFC said: “We’re very aware of the importance of water and the need to use it responsibly. As a community club, we want to lead by example in respecting our natural resources and looking at our back-of-house operations is key to achieving this. Many of our supporters are families and we are keen to do the right thing to protect our environment for future generations.”

By installing water saving measures into its taps, Marine AFC has forecast a reduction in hand washing water usage of 78.9%.  The club estimates that reducing the flow of eight litres per minute to a flow of just 1.7 litres per minute in the male washrooms will amount to 101,000 litres saved throughout the season. The savings in the female washroom will also be significant.

Mark Broadbent, Director, Universal Office Products said: “We’re delighted to be working with Marine AFC to help them achieve these significant water savings. Although large businesses are on-board with improving their environmental performance, we need to look at the part that smaller businesses and non-professional organisations can play in helping to protect our natural resources.  If more clubs were to follow Marine AFC’s example, it would have a significant impact. We would encourage other football clubs to play their part too”

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