Is Your Print Infrastructure Giving You a Headache?

About a year ago, we wrote about the negativity epidemic hitting UK workplaces. To recap: according to tech giant Sharp’s survey, 51% of respondents called technology ‘restrictive’ and ‘limiting’, whilst 43% were frustrated by out-of-date IT. The survey also shed light on the fact that many businesses are still operating with antiquated processes, systems, and hardware without taking care to keep it updated or maintained.

As more and more companies establish paperless practices, outdated IT and print infrastructures are likely to become an increased hindrance – not help – for workplaces. What’s more, with stricter data protection regulations coming into effect next month, a robust, reactive and secure print infrastructure will be a necessity for any business handling data.

So, it’s obvious that the print and digital landscape has changed and will continue to evolve. Businesses need to be flexible in order to stay ahead of the game when it comes to the latest technology – doing so will improve efficiency, speed up workflows, and nip negativity in the bud for good.

So what’s the solution and why should you care?

Businesses typically spend around 3% of their annual turnover on print-related activities, so it pays to make sure your print infrastructure is solid. After all, a software malfunction or a lack of ink can cause costly downtime in any workplace, not to mention the risks posed by leaving paperwork out for everyone to see. A managed print solution will help unite and smooth out these common issues whilst rooting out inefficiencies in your existing print infrastructure.

A managed approach also takes into account the multifunctional role most printers now hold. As offices switch increasingly to paperless practices, digital documentation functions such as scanning and sharing paperwork securely will be a necessity for workplaces. A managed print solution will help you integrate these processes in the safest and most efficient manner, ensuring the swift and seamless transfer of information across departments and colleagues.

Having multiple separate, disconnected devices in an office isn’t just a nightmare when it comes to efficiency and cost, it’s also a security issue. Scanning and printing to disparate printers means important documents and data risk getting lost, destroyed, or falling into the wrong hands. By undertaking a print audit you will discover what devices are most used and who uses them, helping you gain back control and accountability for the information shared and distributed across your business.

How can Universal help you improve your print infrastructure?

By proactively monitoring your print output, our experts can formulate solutions that are tailor-made for your business. In today’s competitive marketplace, any way of working more efficiently is valuable, so using less paper, ink and electricity, while still achieving the printing results and output you require will quickly add up to a significant saving.

Our print management service is designed to unravel over-complicated systems and install more streamlined processes that will grow and adapt with your organisation. Reliability, productivity, security and risk management will all be improved, with minimal disruption to your business.

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