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You've probably washed your hands today. What if we told you that we use 2-6 litres of water when washing our hands? What if we said that we can cut that down to just 3 tablespoons per wash?

Water is one of our greatest and most precious resources. As the three-year-long California drought comes to a close, record-breaking floods are striking Australia’s east coast.

Here in the UK, another hose pipe ban has been announced as we enter the summer months. With roughly 700m people across the globe suffering water scarcity, water conservation has become a hot topic for governments, corporations, and individuals everywhere.

Excellent work in this area is already being done to improve the sustainability of our global water usage. Initiatives such as the CEO Water Mandate (in partnership with the UN) mobilise business leaders to identify and address water scarcity and governance through collective action. Charities such as UNICEF and WaterAid are working to improve sanitation and environmental education. But how can businesses in the UK contribute to water conservation?

Saving water at work can be as simple as setting water usage targets for employees or putting up reminders around the office, kitchen, and bathroom. This kind of approach will help feed an eco-friendly work culture, but taking a more in-depth look at your water usage is a more sustainable – and long-term – way to reduce your consumption.

One way to guarantee a reduced water and energy bill is to fit water-saving technology to your existing plumbing. Our soaked volumiser is a small device which fits onto taps and showers.

It sounds exotic, but is actually very simple: it uses aeration technology to create a fine mist of water that coats the entire surface area of your hands. Just one hand wash uses 3 tablespoons of water – compared to the shocking 3-9 litres used with a standard tap.

With businesses all over the country already saving hundreds on their energy bills, soaked is an easy, quick, and guaranteed way to dramatically cut your water usage across your business (without having to think about it).

Curious to see how soaked works? Watch the video below to see its founder, Wes Sugden-Brook, talk about why he created this technology and how it can help your business:

Click here to visit soaked's website, and if you'd like a demo or to make an enquiry, feel free to speak to us by calling 0845 345 0061.

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