There are numerous studies which link office design to productivity and wellness. But that’s stating the obvious. We know how hard it can be to create the perfect office environment without breaking the bank, and that’s where we come in. Read below as we discuss how, in a few simple and highly affordable steps, you can create an office environment that is more effective and perfect, for you.

Are you utilising all your space?

How and where your employees are positioned at work is a huge contributing factor to productivity. Having an open plan office means your employees are able to speak freely over desks and interact with each other. You’ll be surprised at how this can boost productivity and creativity. This will encourage employees to bounce ideas off each other, and be open to help from different teams in your business. This is easy nowadays with most desks being designed to fit into multiple configurations.

You may have heard of breakout rooms? This upcoming trend is being utilised all over the world. Giving employees the option to get away for a few hours is a great factor when thinking about employee productivity. Not only can they be a quiet space for employees to get their head down, they can also create the right atmosphere for those more informal meetings.

Bright, bold and brilliant

Many studies suggest colours can influence and change people’s perceptions. Why not bring your reception to life with a splash of colour, and make those all important first impressions count. To give you an idea, the colour red can trigger energetic boosts – perfect for lifting moral in the morning.

Other ways of bringing colour into your office can be very simple. Do you let employees get creative with their desks? As well as colourful desk organisers and stationery items, this can include personal photos, coloured timetables and desk calendars. This will contribute to bringing your office to life and can boost productivity by allowing employees to be individual and make their space their own.

Create a positive atmosphere

Heating and lighting are definitely factors you should consider when wanting to create a positive atmosphere in the office. Having natural light in the office is proven to keep employees much happier and motivated. So why not design the best layout to make the most of the natural light. Alternatively, if you have minimal windows, why not take a look at Rexel’s activia daylight lamps (link to website). In terms of heating, you can reduce illness and energy costs by turning your air-conditioning/heating systems off. Find a compromise with employees; it’s a good idea to think about the layout of employees and place your staff according to if they get hot or cold easily.

Keep employees alert and productive by stocking up your ‘brew room’. Frequent tea and coffee breaks can boost morale and can keep your employees on top of their game. Why not take a look at our wide selection of catering services? We even have a wide selection of green & fruit teas, and not to mention our biscuit selections!

Do you have the right tools?

You may have a well designed office to increase productivity, but have you thought about the technology in your office, and how that could be affecting your employee’s productivity?

It can be de-motivating when your computer is working at a snail’s pace, or your printer ruins the work you have been working on all day. Make sure you check with employees regularly to see if they have any issues with their technology. This can also include things like software. It’s a good idea to research and keep up to date with new systems, this way you can find new software that could be making your employees more productive.

We hope you’ve benefited from reading this short blog. We believe by combining these four steps that you’ll be on the right track to creating the perfect office environment. If you would like any more advice, or are interested in purchasing any products, give us a call on 0845 345 006, or email us on

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